Offer for Producers & Suppliers

We are offering professional commercial service to Producers & Suppliers in way of:

  • Market research, market investigation, assistance in creation of company export policy, forming sales strategy
  • Official Representation on the entire territory of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia or at least in selected target area
  • Building the most effective Distribution Network
  • Building the strongest Brand image and Brand positioning
  • Signing the Contracts in name of Producers & Suppliers
  • Close co-operation with existing Sales force of Producers & Suppliers
  • Taking care over daily activities, communication with existing customers, solving problems and claims,
  • Organizing campaigns, motivation actions, PR events, Exhibitions
  • Reporting about visits every two weeks, competition information, market movements, legislation changes, certificates processes

We would like to offer our professional commercial service to selected Producers & Suppliers, which haven’t:

  • any Distributor in entire Eastern Europe and Central Asia yet and would like to entry to this market
  • strong distribution network in entire region or at least in several target countries and would like to have effective distribution network there
  • positive tendency of business development and would like to change the situation and grow
  • unlimited financial background but have an ambition to establish stable foundation for future business, positive market development
  • actually satisfied sales result with own existing Sales force and would like to support them in target area by extra powerful experienced independent Sales Team – Auto Market Experts