Academy Project

Auto Market Experts and Czech magazine AutoEXPERT, had ambition together build a network of professional training centres in East Europe and offer highest level of education to car mechanics. This project started in May 2013; was created Czech Team of engineers lecturers - real experts with huge experience and practice in technical trainings. The concept of Auto Experts Academy was officially introduced first time on November 13, 2013, on the Academy Conference in Prague. Unfortunately, our partner magazine AutoEXPERT suddenly decided not to continue in that running project (January 2014). Due to that reason, Auto Market Experts was forced change the strategy and temporary stop own activities in that field. We regret to inform everyone who was interested in that project, who maybe expected close cooperation with us, that we are not continuing and temporary closing Academy subject.

Our ambition help to car mechanics with technical education, keep them informed by latest technologies in car repair business. As a partial solution, we want to open an information channel, where lot of useful technical data mechanics may find.
The information platform is in process of preparation and will be open soon.

The 1st Academy Conference

Auto Market Experts & Auto Expert Czech magazine organized the 1st Conference of Auto Experts Academy in Prague. The Conference was hold on November 13, 2013 in  the Hotel Diplomat Prague, Czech Republic. The mission of the Conference was introduce the Academy project to potential Partners – producers of spare parts – which showed previous interest in participation on that huge project of professional education program of mechanics and workshop managers. During following two-three months, realization team will finish total Academy agenda including education materials, media, website, brochures, books, etc. Since February 2014, we are starting with official presentation of Academy concept to selected distributors in Eastern Europe and Russia, which will be interested in. In case of your interest about Academy presentation, please contact our Sales Managers to agree on concrete schedule. Basic information about Academy concept you can find in our introduction brochure 



Participated companies at the 1st Academy Conference in Prague: